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I hope that this page may answer some of your questions. If it doesn't, please do give me a ring and I will try to help

What is Flash Macromedia which it says it needs when I first visit the site?
Flash is a small component which sits with your web browser to enable animated graphics to play. It should download automatically if it is not already on your machine. If it doesn't, click on the box which is the outline of the graphic and it should download (about 1 to 2 minutes). Go to the introduction page.

I can't see all of the page
These pages have been designed for a screen resolution of at least 800 by 600 with the web browser maximised to the full screen size. Some of the larger photos won't fit vertically on the screen, there should be a scroll bar to allow you to move up and down for these. The Status Bar (the line near the bottom of the screen) should tell you what things are as you move over them as well.

The page I have selected is not displaying properly
It may be that the page had not finished loading before you selected something - Press F5 or select Refresh to redraw the window, or it may be that your Web Browser (the program you are using to view this page) is different to the one on which the site was written and does not support certain features. This site was written based on Microsoft Internet Explorer v5, You can find out what you are using by selecting About ... from the Help menu. Please let me know if you are using a different browser.

I can't really see what the photos are of - how do I make them bigger?
The small photos (known as 'thumbnails') can be enlarged to see them much more clearly: if you move your mouse over a picture and leave it still for about one second, a label appears which describes what the picture is. By clicking (once) on the photo a new window will appear which will contain a larger version of the picture.

I've clicked on a small photo and the new page appears, but it takes ages for the big photo to appear
The speed of your connection to the internet will determine how long it takes for each photo to be retrieved. Once you have enlarged a certain photo, the larger version will generally be held locally on your computer so should you wish to view it again it will be much quicker. This is why 'thumbnails' are provided as they load much more quickly. I am happy to provide a free CD containing this site once the site has been completed. Please let me know if you would like one.

On the pages with the large photos on, I can't click on 'Previous' or 'Next'
I hope that these will be available soon - I'm having a few problems getting them to work so have disabled them for the time being!

Any comments, suggestions or questions about this site are more than welcome.