The Marsden Family History at a Glance

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Key: = Father     = Descendant
b. = born; m. = married; p. = partnered; d. = died
The Youngest Generation
  Florence Isabella Spencer-Marsden (Daughter of Keith Marsden & Sharon Spencer) b. 7th November 2006 [At Home, Northampton]
Lucy Christina Marsden (Daughter of Ian and Lisa Marsden) b. 7th December 2004 [Newcastle-upon-Tyne]
Francesca Niamh Spencer (Daughter of Keith Marsden & Sharon Spencer) - b. 21st Sept 2001 [Northampton]

  Keith Jonathan Marsden - b. 6th June 1968 [Carlisle], m. Sharon Margaret Jeffs (b. 14th April 1969 [Northampton]) on 26th September 1998 at Queensgrove Methodist Church, Northampton. Divorced February 2003. p. Sharon Kim Spencer b. 9th December 1963 [Northampton] Jack William Spencer (from previous marriage) b. 2nd January 1992

Ian Richard Marsden - b. 12th October 1971 [Carlisle], m. Lisa Katherine Derval McNally (b. 13th February 1969) on 2nd November 2001 at The Holy Name of Jesus church, Jesmond, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

  David Marsden - b. 18th May 1941 [York] m. Molly Patricia Matthews (b. 30th April 1939 [Hull]) on 25th September 1965 at St. Mary's Church, Barnard Castle

Charlotte Marsden - b. 31st March 1947 m. Douglas Stanley Kyle (b.19th November 1944 [Redcar]) on 4th November 1967 at Holgate Methodist Chapel, York Andrew James Kyle b. 1st August 1968 & Elizabeth Anne Kyle b. 29th May 1970

Great Grandparents
  Bernard Chapman Marsden - b. 4th November 1900 d. ?, [83 Green Lane, York], m. Norah Fowler (b. 1895 d. 1978 [83 Green Lane, York]) on ? at ? Joan Kathleen Marsden b. 17th May 1934 [York] - not married

George Harold Marsden - b. 17th August 1907 [York], d. 30th October 1980 [4 Manthorpe Walk, York], m. Phyllis Holdsworth (b. 31st January 1907 d. 23rd December 1981) on 22nd November 1933 at Southlands Methodist Church, York.

Great Great Grandparents
  Ernest Marsden - b. 1871 [Hipperholme] d.? Irvine Marsden - no known details

John Marsden - b. 10th October 1872 [Hipperholme, Halifax], d. 1947 [York], m. Laura Mary Chapman (b. 1873 [Feering, Essex] d. 1941 [York]) in 1898 at Northowram

William Marsden - b. 18th August 1877 [Hipperholme] d.? John Marsden b.? d. 1974 [Southport])

Alice Marsden - b. 1881 [18 Hove Edge, Hipperholme] d.? m. O'Shaunasey - no known details

Great Great Great Grandparents
  Elizabeth Marsden - b. 4th December 1836 [Lightcliffe] d.?

William Marsden - b. 1839 d.?

James Marsden - b. 25th May 1843 [Nab End, Hipperholme] d.? m. Ann Sykes (b. 15th November 1843 [Hove Edge, Hipperholme] d.? ) on 10th February 1870 at Halifax Parish Church

Joseph Marsden - b. 1847 [Lightcliffe] d.?

Jack Marsden - b. 1856 [Hipperholme] d.?

Great Great Great Great Grandparents
  John Marsden - b. November 1812 [Southowram] d. 1861/1881 m. Alice Waddington (b. 1814 [Northowram] d.1881? ) on 9th October 1834 at Halifax

Charles Marsden - b. 27th June 1819 [Lightcliffe] d.?

Ann Marsden - b. 10th May 1821[Lightcliffe] d.?

William Marsden - b. 24th Feb 1826 [Lightcliffe] d.?

Thomas Marsden - b. 16th May 1830 [Lightcliffe] d.?

Joseph Marsden - b. 1832 d.?

Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents
  William Marsden - b. 20th August 1775 [Halifax] d.? m. Mary Rothera (b. October 1791 d.? ) on 26th December 1810 at Halifax

Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents
  John Marsden - b. 23rd September 1753 [Halifax] d.? m.?

Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents
  John Marsden - b. about 1716 [Halifax of Lightcliffe] d.? m. Betty Morton (b.? d.? ) on 1st October 1750 at Halifax

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and photographs